Big Country CASA Uses the Texas CASA Pre-Service Training Curriculum

General training information

The training consists of 24 hours of classroom training, approximately 8 hours of pre-classroom “homework” and 2 – 3 hours of courtroom observations. Training manuals will be provided to each trainee during orientation session and additional handouts will be provided during each classroom session.

Throughout the training your trainer will cover many topics. At times, you may feel that more time was needed on a specific area. Unfortunately, it would take months to cover the relevant topics in greater detail, so we can only spend a short amount of time covering them during training. But know that you will be well-trained and well-equipped with a good foundation laid for you to begin your CASA journey on! Then throughout the year we will provide ongoing continuing education opportunities to go into many of these topics and concepts in depth.

Your CASA Supervisor, trainer and all of the staff will be available throughout your CASA journey to guide, assist and provide resources to help you continue to grow in skills and knowledge.

Pre-Chapter /Pre-classroom work

The pre-chapter work and correlating videos and exercises are accessed through the Texas CASA Learning through the link provided below in the Learning Center Instructions Section.

  • Pre-chapter /pre-classroom homework lays a foundation for the classroom trainings and should be completed prior to attending the correlating chapter classroom session.
  • It’s recommended that the pre-chapter/classroom work be completed through the Learning Center as it will include videos and various exercises that we will not watch or do in class.
  • Should you be working online and not have access to your training manual, the Learning Center provides the manual to view in a PDF form.
  • When presented with the option to “email” your homework please do one of the following: 1) email to yourself, then forward to your trainer OR  2) email directly to your trainer
Learning Center instructions & information
  • Texas CASA Learning Center
  • This will open directly into the volunteer section of the learning center. You will click on the chapter you desire and you’ll find utilize “OPTION B: Complete Online” on the right side. This site is password protected. Contact your trainer at BCC for instructions.
  • From that point on you will be directed to “CASA College” for a portion of the activities. You will create a user name (email is fine) and password. WRITE THOSE DOWN as your trainer does NOT have access to your information.
  • Complete all assigned tasks and exercises as instructed.
  • Your progress will be tracked on left side of the screen.
  • Here is a PDF of the Pre-Chapter instructions if you need to view. A copy will be provided in your training manual: Volunteer Training Instructions
2023 Training Schedules:

Our new volunteer trainings kick off:

Thurs, Aug 10th – Daytime
Thurs, Sept 7th – Evenings

Full training dates:
2023 Advocate Training Calendar